Enterprise Productivity and AI

ENCAMINA Propulsion Lab

ENCAMINA Propulsion Lab is an inmersive lab with customers to talk about new techonologies and how to use it on their companies. A differente way to talk with other organization and know how they are doing innovation with technology.

NetCoreConf Barcelona 2019

DotNet Assistants

Barcelona was the first city of the year to host a NetCoreConf. A community event to see the latests from Microsoft technologies from the hand of the best experts. An event where ypu can learn, share and do networking.

Microservicios at TenerifeDev

A meetup to talk about Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric

Starting the year with a meetup at TenerifeDev, my first technical community in my Home at Canary Islands. Taking adventage that Carlos Mendible and me were on holidays on the island, we did a technical session to talk about how Microservices are changing the way we develop and run our applications.

Global AI Bootcamp

Artificial Intelligence using Azure Databricks

Global AI Bootcamp is a free event organized by the Microsoft Technical Communities around world and it took place on 15th of December on the communities venues all over the world.